"Glampers" near Cumberland Falls can stay in covered wagons


WHITLEY COUNTY (WDKY)-- When you travel in Kentucky, there are a lot of nice hotels to stay in. But if you want something out of the the ordinary, we also have tree houses, wigwams and even a castle that offer lodging. Earlier this year, another unique accommodation became available, offering tourists a pioneer experience.

Just five miles from Cumberland Falls, you can book an overnight stay in a covered wagon.

Dania Egedi, general manager of Sheltowee Trace Adventures Resort, says the wagons fit the definition of "glamping," which is glamorous camping.

Egedi first heard about covered wagon lodging at a conference for campground operators.

"They're pretty popular out west but no one is doing it east of the Mississippi," she said.

They decided to order three wagons, hitching their hopes on the hunch they'd be popular in Kentucky.

"They came in over the winter shipped in from Utah," Egedi said. "They brought them in by tractor trailer and local Mennonite carpenters did the inside of them-- a really nice job."

Inside, things are kind of over the top, not what pioneers experienced.

There's a king-sized bed with a trundle underneath and a bunk bed. Five people fit easily into the wagons and the operators allow six .

The wagons offer air-conditioned comfort in the summer and with electric heat in the winter. There's a small microwave and a fridge, free wi-fi and a place to charge your phones.

You do have to hit the trail to find restrooms and showers, but it's a short journey. Even though the wagons are nice inside, many guests become settlers outside.

Visitors are encouraged to sit around the campfire, sing songs and make S'mores. The fact that there's no TV here has been a draw for many families.

Egedi said "I had a family come in and the mother asked 'do you have cards?' I said yes.

"She said 'My girls don't think we should be on the phones. They think we should play famliy games.' She was so excited about that."

The wagons aren't the only things that are covered so are the reservation books. Housekeepers have to turn the rooms quickly because there has been a steady stream of guests since the wagons opened.

"When we set up the wagon circle, we did set it up for six," Egedi said. "We have three now. We'll see how it goes. If the response continues, I think there's a good possibiilty we end up with three more."


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