LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – It’s off to the football field behind Edythe J. Hayes Middle School most afternoons for Stoney Mack. It’s a favorite sport for many boys his age, which is 13. Stoney is an example to his teammates that practice makes perfect, but it’s what he practices off the football field that is his claim to fame.

Everywhere he goes, Stoney is asked to do a yo-yo trick.

“I always have a yo-yo on me because it’s become a recurrent thing,” he said.

What’s amazing is that he picked up a yo-yo for the first time just a little more than a year ago.

“He wanted a yo-yo and I thought, that’s OK, he’ll lose it under the bed in a day or two,” said his father, Ron Mack. But he was shocked at how quickly his son learned tricks by watching YouTube videos.

“He got really good really fast.”

Stoney said, “I wanted to be the best in my class, so I stuck with it during COVID and now I’m here.”

He posted some videos on Instagram, quickly got more than 100-thousand followers, and caught the attention of the producers of the FOX TV show “Game of Talents.” They flew him to Hollywood to appear on the show and now, it seems he has the world on a string.

“It’s crazy that a year can change your entire life,” Stoney said.

His life has indeed changed. He now has sponsors and sells yo-yos and clothing that bears his nickname, YoYo Mack. He’s learning the ups and downs of business– popularity and taxes.

“It’s turned into a career I might pursue for the future, but right now it’s just a fun hobby,” Stoney says.

He’s bouncing around the idea of majoring in marketing.

“He didn’t learn that all in school or any other situation I put him in,” said his dad. “But he’s learning now, so it’s something that’s above and beyond yo-yoing.”

At the end of the day, a yo-yo is just a toy for most of us, but for Stoney Mack, it may be the future in the palm of his hand.