MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56) — When Charles “Chuck” Bishop sits down to write, his mind wanders. He starts to live in the past. That’s easy when your house is connected to one built in 1795.

Bishop has been told his house is the 17th oldest structure in Kentucky.

When the farmer he works for suggested Bishop should move into the house, the aspiring writer had no idea it came with a story. There’s a historical marker out front, identifying it as “Morgan’s Station,” but no details.

“People would pull into the driveway and say, ‘What’s the story?’, so I had to start doing some research and found out exactly what took place here,” he said.

Morgan’s Station, which might have better been described as a fort, is known as the site of the “last Indian raid in Kentucky.” It happened in 1793, just two years before the house was built. This whole ridge in Montgomery County now fascinates Bishop. He knows the pioneers settled there because of the fresh spring water and wide-open fields where they could plant corn.

“They were able to plant 40 acres of corn and never had to clear a tree to do it,” Bishop said.

He said it’s easy for him to ignore traffic noise and the lights from nearby houses and think about what it was like on the ridge in the 1790s.

“I do have a vivid imagination.”

That imagination led to his first book, which is titled “Morgan’s Station.”


It’s historical fiction based on the fact that Native Americans burned the fort to the ground, killed two people and took 18 women and children hostage. Bishop’s novel envisions the pursuit of the kidnappers, which ended in Ohio. And he said he was careful to be sympathetic to both the pioneers and the Native Americans.

He hopes readers go away with one thing.

“My hope is, as it is with all history, that we’re able to look back on things and see events that have taken place, so that we don’t put ourselves in those positions where things like that are happening again,” he said.

A lot of authors travel the world for inspiration. Chuck Bishop is proof that sometimes all you have to do is walk out the front door.

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