Nostalgia Station is a toy train wonderland

Nostalgia Station

WOODFORD COUNTY (WDKY) -- A railroad depot in Versailles has stood for more than a century as a quiet reminder of a bygone era. At least, it's quiet on the outside.

Inside, it's full of bells and whistles. That clatter is music to the ears of Winfrey Adkins, owner of Nostalgia Station. He says he has been a toy train lover since the age of two.

"My dad got me started."

And he's had tunnel-vision ever since. He's spent much of his life at yard sales, flea markets, at auctions and online, collecting toy trains of every size. He set up this museum in 1986 and filled the cases quickly.

"So many people, especially my age and a little younger, grew up around toy trains," Winfrey said. "They didn't have computers, ipods, tablets and the things that keep kids occupied these days. This is an old-fashioned toy that people my age can remember."

People who grew up in Lexington may recognize the main setup. It was on display in Purcell's department store downtown in the mid 1950s.

Winfrey has trains that date back to the 1880s. Some wind up or run on batteries. Most are electric and one uses steam.

There are military trains, Disney trains, even a pink train designed just for girls. The retired banker is the collector but says he wife has been the station master.

"It was my dream, but her reality."

Wanda Adkins sells the tickets and gives the tours. She loves it when first-time visitors get on board.

"A lot of people in town say 'we've driven past this place it for 30 years but never stopped," she said. "They're overwhelmed. Yet people come from all over the world."

Winfrey says he had no idea how many trains he has, but he's run out of room. Now, when a new train comes in, an old one has to go in storage. So is anything for sale?

"Not really.," he said. "I've got people who ask me about it, but if I sell my collection, I'd have to close my museum. So no, unless they want to buy it all. I'd make 'em a package deal and go to Florida."

He's kidding of course. He'd never get sidetracked from his hobby. He calls it a labor of love.

"One of those crazy thing. We figured we weren't going to make any money off of it but figured we'd do something for the community and here we are."


Nostalgia Station also displays some other antique toys, such as metal cars, kitchen sets and fire trucks, and includes a shop where visitors can buy their own train set if they want to get started in the hobby.

For information about admission, hours and directions, click here.


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