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PENDLETON COUNTY, KENTUCKY (WDKY)– There’s a growing town along U.S. 27 that you won’t find on the map, established in 2003. It’s about two miles south of Falmouth.

The self-proclaimed mayor and his wife are the only residents. And he named the town for himself–  Punkyville.

“Had that name ever since I was a pup,” said Charles “Punky” Beckett.  “They always called me that name. A lot of people don’t even know my name.”

Punky,  who recently retired from a paving company,  built the town for a simple reason– he needed a place to put his stuff.

He collects antiques and novelty items, old cars and conversation pieces.

But he didn’t want to put his collection in boring warehouses. He decided to build storage sheds that look more like a movie set. The fronts of the buildings resemble a general store, a dentist’s office, a gas station, a hotel, a post office and a church. Items on display inside each building match the theme.

“Signs. Any kind of metal signs. You can’t get enough signs.”

Visitors stop by Punkyville all the time. They’re welcome to look around and Punky wouldn’t dream of charging admission.

“Most of the time I walk through with them,” he said. ” But if someone comes and I gotta go somewhere, I say ‘you all just look around. I’m gone. I’ve got stuff to do.'”

Punky said there’s no way to put a value on what he’s accumulated, but he salvaged a lot of it or got it for a bargain.

He’s been offered a lot of money for some of the items. One metal sign is worth $1,400. But he said none of it is for sale. He collected the items because he likes them, not because he’s trying to make a profit.

Punkyville is experiencing growing pains. Items hang from the rafters and it might be time to expand. He said he thinks he may build two of three more buildings.

“Then after that there will probably be another one,” he said while laughing.

Many people come to Punkyville for photo shoots and there have been at least a half dozen weddings in the chapel. The mayor gets great joy out of sharing his creation.

You may have to go out of your way to visit Punkyville but visitors say it’s a detour worth taking.


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