Secret shows sell out quickly each month in Lexington

    Raymond Joseph,a singer-songwriter from Nashville, is one of three performers at the SoFar Sounds show on February 22, 2019,

    LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY (WDKY)-- On a Friday night, Lauren Duncan finds herself in Jessamine County, going in a door to a business sandwiched between a car lot and a liquor store. About 40 other people have also been directed to go there, guided by a text message.

    "I got the address and really wanted it to be a surprise, so I didn't look up the location," Duncan said. " I truly just typed an address into my phone and pulled up to it."

    All she and the others know is that they're going to hear live music in an intimate setting.

    SoFar Sounds is a concept born ten years ago. It came to Lexington last year.

    Mark Walz has volunteered to help at each of the shows since the beginning.

    "The people who started it in London, England said they were sick and tired of going to bars where everyone was just there to socialize, where it was loud and all of sorts of things were going on," Walz said. "They wanted people to come together, focus on the music and listen."

    Even the type of music is a mystery. It could be rock, folk, jazz, hip hop or country. One of the performers on this night, who drove here from Atlanta, calls herself a sensory artist.

    Normally, a person would choose to go to a concert because they liked who was in the lineup. These shows are special because that doesn't matter.

    "That's the best part, because they still want to be there," said performer Siana Altiise. "They don't know who you are but they trust the process."

    The crowd, which sits on blankets or in camp chairs, will also hear a Raymond Joseph, who is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, and Night Colors, a brother-sister duo from Knoxville.

    Sightglass Sound studio in Nicholasville proves to be a great venue for a cozy concert. SoFar Sounds may be billed as a secret, but it's a well-shared secret. 430 cities around the world host these gatherings at least once a month.

    Walz said " We've been in private homes, flower shops, two different hair salons, bike shops, everything you can think of."

    SoFar stands for Songs from a Room. And Lauren Duncan wants to be in those rooms as much as possible.

    "You never get bored because every show is something different."

    Because space is limited, you have to put your name in a lottery for a chance to buy tickets. Click here for a link.

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