The Grinch takes over classes at a Montgomery County school


    MT. STERLING, KENTUCKY (WDKY)-- A classroom at McNabb Middle School seemed chaotic on the last day before Christmas break. Students were dancing and singing-- oh the noise, noise, noise, noise!

    They clearly needed someone to get them in line. That someone was The Grinch, who took over the homeroom of drama and music director Adam Allison.

    "This is just a different element and a way to express myself to allow the kids to enjoy this character that I try my hardest to bring to life," Allison said.

    Oh, he brings it to life all right, making mischief throughout the school, whether it's stealing food in the teacher's lounge, interrupting classes, or jumping out from behind lockers to scare children.

    Mr. Allison learned how to make the transformation to the Grinch while working for ten years in Los Angeles in the entertainment industry among the who's who. An ex-girlfriend there showed him how to work with prosthetics and apply theatrical makeup. It takes him six hours to make the full transformation, which means he was up at 2 a.m. preparing for the last day of school.

    He also hopes there a lesson in the madness.

    "One of the most important things is being yourself and being able to express yourself," he said. He doesn't want his students to feel awkward or self-conscious when they're following a dream.

    As they watch Allison dancing in his Grinch costume, students didn't seem fazed by his energy.

    "He's like that all the time, said sixth-grader Hannah Chase. "The first day of school he jumped on a table."

    She said he just knows how to make students feel happy.

    By the end of final period, this Grinch had mellowed quite a bit. Perhaps his heart grew three sizes that day.Allison gathered the students in a circle and told them to remember that Christmas "is a time of year when it's all about caring for one another... about giving not, not receiving."

    Their regular teacher will return after the break, but the students will not soon forget their holiday sendoff.

    The Grinch hugged children and chased them onto buses, yelling "Merry Christmas!"

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