Visitors to glass studio make ornaments and memories

Casey Hyland helps Laurie Nichols make a glass Christmas ornament.

LOUISVILLE (WDKY)-- Craftsmen at Hyland Glass in Louisville turn globs of goo into orbs of art. With a few twists and turns with the right tools, and a whole lot of heat, they make magic.Owner Casey Hyland knows it fascinating for visitors to watch the process of glass blowing, but if you come here you can do more than look.

Every Saturday, and other days during the holiday season, Hyland lets visitors try their hand at making something out of glass This time of year, it's Christmas ornaments.

Visitors see the science of turning sand into liquid, feel the 2,000-degree heat coming from the forge and provide the air as Casey shapes the molten glass into a piece of art.

People come for different reasons. Best friends Audrey McGraw and Laurie Nichols took a class because they wanted to make an ornament in memory of another friend who died in the past year.

" So it's not just an ornament I bought at a big box store," said McGraw. "I made that ornament and I made it for my friend Danielle."

"We kind of gave this as a gift to each other, so we could do an experience together rather than buy something we don't really need.," Nichols said.

Hyland, who runs the business alone with his wife Melanie, said even tough his studio will make 1,700 ornaments this season, he never tires of the craft.

"People always ask me ''What's your favorite thing to make?' and my stock answer is' 'the next thing.'"

Hyland Glass is both an art gallery and a classroom, a place where you can play with fire and make something pretty cool.

It costs $40 to make an ornament and you need a reservation to do it. You can get more information at

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