WATCH: Fayette parents speak out at school board meeting about mask recommendations


LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Dozens filled the Fayette County Board of Education building tonight.

Several parents and school employees expressing their opinions on the recommendations to require masks in schools this fall.

“In light of today’s recommendations from the Governor, Dr. Glass and health officials, it’s vital we follow science and guidance from our health officials ensuring students can have a successful school year,” said President of the Fayette County Education Association, Jessica Hiler.

While not on the agenda for a vote, the topic of requiring masks in schools this fall dominated the conversation Monday night. 17 people signed up to give their opinions. Some, like Hiler, who believe masks should be required in schools, as recommended by the Governor’s Office.

“The masks have worked because my husband had multiple exposures in the workplace before vaccination and fortunately he did not contract it. That’s anecdotal evidence,” said another parent who is for mask wearing in schools.

Health Commissioner Dr. Kraig Humbaugh recommended universal mask wearing at schools where students are under 12 years old, making them ineligible for the vaccine.

A recommendation that angered the majority of those who signed up to speak.

“I’m a K-5 music teacher in another county and a parent of two Fayette County students. I’m here to express my views that parents should be allowed to make their own choices about masks regardless of vaccination status,” said one parent against requiring masks in schools.

“I’m asking you to remove all barriers to education for this school year. No masks, no partitions, no limits on physical interactions, no limits on the use of physical learning tools,” said another also against the potential requirement.

The school board will meet with the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department Tuesday.

They’ll discuss their plans for guidance this fall.

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