Winter weather could take a toll on your car


Winter weather can take a toll on roads and cars.

Bob Milks from Strong Auto in Lexington says problems could start before you even turn your keys; a dead car battery is common in cold weather.

“It’s not warm and the battery needs to be warm,” he explained. “It goes through some chemical processes to charge itself. But then you get that first really cold snap and now your car won’t start.”

Milks says the salt from roads can create major problems for your car. It can lead to rust. That’s why he recommends a thorough car wash.

“The most important part is the undercarriage. Because that salt and stuff gets in your brakes, it gets stuck in your undercarriage, and starts rust and corrosion,” he said.

Milks said the winter weather brings several cars through the service garage at Strong Auto, and many of those issues could have been avoided.

“Like people accidentally turn the wipers on when they’re stuck to the windshield, or they try to roll the window down when it’s frozen or the door is stuck shut and they pull a little too hard on the door handle and break it.”

Some problems are just the result of Mother Nature.

With more cold days to come this winter, Milks says people should also keep a close eye on their tire pressure.

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