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Which sheets for cots are best? 

If you enjoy the comfort of cots, you know the best way to achieve the best night’s sleep is with the perfect sheets. Whether you tend to be hot at night or just don’t like the way sleeping bags feel, a sheet for your cot, like the Camping Cot Mattress Fitted Sheet, is a great addition to your sleep system.

What to know before you buy a sheet for cots

What size is your cot?

This might seem obvious, but you never know. Not all cots are the same size, nor are all sheets for cots. Finding a sheet for your cot is likely going to be easier for single cot users than for those with double cots. However, ensure you double-check the measurements of your cot and your potential sheet because you click “buy” so you don’t wind up with the incorrect size. 

What materials do you find comfortable?

Cot sheets aren’t just in one material. If you’re looking to improve your sleep quality, there’s no reason to get a material you don’t enjoy. Whether you prefer softer cotton sheets or more technical polyester ones, you have options.

Do you use a cot mattress?

Many people may be looking for a fitted sheet to go over the cot. However, if your cot came with a mattress (or you added one), you’ll be looking for a sheet to fit your cot mattress, not your cot itself.

What to look for in a quality sheet for cots


Breathability is critical, so you don’t sweat during summer nights and colder times, too. If you’re covered in sweat, you aren’t getting warmer throughout the night. Poor breathability in your sheets can cause you to lose too much heat via sweat throughout the night.

Easy cleaning

Most sheets will be easy to clean, so finding a machine washable one shouldn’t be hard, especially if a polyester or cotton and polyester blend. Make sure you double-check, though, as an inconvenient cleaning process will defeat the purpose of a cot sheet.


This isn’t necessary if you just want the sheet to keep your cot or mattress clean. However, if you don’t love sleeping bags, you may enjoy having a set of cot sheets instead of just the fitted sheet. If you’re on the fence, a set of sheets can often be the better buy overall and may better mimic your sleeping setup at home.

How much you can expect to spend on a sheet for cots

Most options will be in the neighborhood of $20-$30.

Sheet for cots FAQ

Do cot sheets add warmth when winter camping?

A. Maybe a small amount. Cots have no real insulation properties like sleeping pads and sleeping bags, so having a thin sheet over your cot may help a little bit, but just a little bit.

Should I avoid cotton cot sheets?

A. The adage of “cotton kills” that you often hear in camping and sports circles doesn’t apply here. Maybe in the sweltering heat, you’ll prefer a synthetic over cotton, but even then, you might not. You want to consider which material you enjoy most. Having a sleep system that mimics your bed at home is a great way to get restful sleep at camp. Therefore, you might want to have the same sheet material on your cot as your bed.

What’s the best sheet for cots to buy?

Top sheet for cots

Camping Cot Mattress Fitted Sheet

Camping Cot Mattress Fitted Sheet

What you need to know: With multiple colors and sizes, this should fit all manner of cots for camping as well as RV mattresses.

What you’ll love: If you think camping can’t be comfortable, think again. These Egyptian cotton sheets are as durable as they are luxurious. Able to fit up to 8-inch mattresses, even the thickest of cot mattresses will work.

What you should consider: If you don’t have a mattress for your cot, these sheets won’t fit over the cot as well as they do a mattress.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top sheet for cots for the money

Gilbins Cot Size Fitted Sheet

Gilbins Cot Size Fitted Sheet

What you need to know: This is a simple, no-frills option for someone just looking to make cleaning their cot easier with a sheet.

What you’ll love: This Gilbins sheet offers a larger array of unique colors than many comparable cot sheet options. A mix of cotton and polyester makes this sheet easy to take care of and machine washable. If wrinkles bother you, this is a wrinkle-resistant material blend.

What you should consider: 75 by 30 inches is the only size available in this sheet. You must buy each sheet separately, so this is only cost-effective if you’re looking for the fitted sheet by itself.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Five Star Camping Fitted Cot Sheet

Five Star Camping Fitted Cot Sheet

What you need to know: This fitted sheet for cots comes in small, medium and large options and is made of light polyester.

What you’ll love: The material this sheet uses dries quickly, holds up, and weighs next to nothing. Corners are adjustable with hook and loop adjusters so that you can use this sheet with a mattress or just the cot by itself. Dark colors hide dirt and scuffs well.

What you should consider: Polyester does a good job of durability and dryness but isn’t always the most comfortable option. While it comes in three sizes, you may find your cot between sizes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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