LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Balance, coordination, and flexibility are required in gymnastics. The most important ingredients to a long life on the mat is dedication, and endurance. For Lexington’s Tonya Cornett, those two things have kept her going for 30 years.

Next week, Cornett will head down to Orlando for the Special Olympics USA Games, and pull off a rare double duty. She will compete in multiple categories, while judging some outside of competition time. Born with neonatal meningitis, Cornett’s perseverance has inspired many as she’s traveled the world.

“My favorite thing is to tell everybody you can do it no matter what, just find a good team, a good coach to work with you,” Cornett said. “Age is just a number, if you keep working on it, you’re going to be much better for it every time.”

The next stop, to keep doing what she wants to do for “as long as I can keep it going,” is Orlando.