NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (FOX 56) – The goal for tournament officials over at Keene Trace Golf Club is to keep raising the bar in year four of the Barbasol Championship in Lexington. Over 150 professional golfers are swinging for a spot in The Open Championship next week.

A few of them are from right here in the Bluegrass State or played here in Lexington, and will look to use their familiarity of the course to their advantage.

They will also look to gather some comfort from the hometown crowd, since over 20,000 fans attended the Barbasol last year at Champions at Keene Trace. The crowd is generous with cheering most every golfer but the roars get a bit louder for the local guys.

That includes Josh Teeter, a Henry Clay alum who has played in this tournament before and said he sometimes hears some familiar voices from the gallery.

“It’s always great to hear some familiar voices or yells out there 6 or 8 years ago in Vegas we had 10 or 15 of my friends and family out there and they got a little rowdy when making some birdies so they hear those screams and yells and we’re gonna have some fun and hopefully I can get some birdies for them,” Teater said.

There are also some former University of Kentucky guys to watch out for: Stephen Stallings Jr. and Andrew Stephens. Stephens was on the 2005 SEC championship team at UK and Stallings Jr. played from 2013-16, while also playing in the Barbasol last year.

“I’ve hit every shot out here a lot I know the greens really well so I mean there’s not many shots that I’ll feel uncomfortable on because I know how it’s gonna play for the most part I mean every day’s different maybe it rains and it changes things but for the most part I don’t have to spend maybe as much time as everybody else trying to figure out which way the greens go just because when I get over it I’ve seen the putt before,” Stallings Jr. said.

“Obviously going to school down here Lexington is an unbelievable sports town and I think the longer this event’s here and the longer history that develops I think it’s gonna be a really good event I hope people come out this week and you know there’s gonna be a lot of really good golf played and hopefully I’m a small part of that,” Stephens said.

The total purse for the Barbasol Championship is $3.7 million, providing an extra incentive to see one of the local guys take home some money and yearn a qualifying spot in next week’s British Open, getting a chance to play in golf’s 3rd major out at St. Andrews in Scotland.