LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – A tweet from Kentucky quarterback Will Levis sent on Monday evening included a clip from the 1984 movie “The Terminator” where Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers the famous line: “I’ll be back.”

After connecting the dots, it was revealed that Levis announced he is returning to Kentucky for his senior season. Levis talked last week about his desire to seek more information about his draft projections before making his decision.

“Obviously in my gut feeling I’ve been leaning and am leaning towards coming back but same thing I want to go through that process and make sure that I don’t make a rash decision too early,” Levis said.

The Penn State transfer took over the Wildcats offense in 2021 and found immediate success, leading the team to a 6-0 start and a 9-3 record in the regular season, earning a birth in the Citrus Bowl.

Levis threw for 2,593 yards and 23 touchdowns, while adding a running threat to the offense that produced 387 rushing yards and nine rushing touchdowns.

The Wildcats are progressing through bowl practice and get ready to face Iowa in the Citrus Bowl on New Year’s Day.