CINCINNATI, Oh. (FOX 56) – NFL offseason training workouts wrapped up for the Cincinnati Bengals last week, with a number of players embracing the opportunity to get some work in ahead of training camp next month.

That includes Joe Burrow, the Bengals franchise quarterback who is in his first stable offseason, which head coach Zac Taylor called “normal.” Burrow did not participate in spring workouts last year due to his recovery from an ACL injury he suffered 10 games into his rookie year.

“I mean I’ve just been able to focus on the entirety of myself weight room conditioning on field mechanics all of it, it’s not really focus on a need just getting back to where I was prior,” Burrow said.

He wore a brace on his knee last season, which clearly did not affect him as he went on to play in and start in 16 games, scored two rushing touchdowns and picked up 14 first downs running the ball.

It’s expected that he gets even more comfortable getting outside the pocket like he did at times in his rookie year and at LSU, trusting his knee to handle that advanced activity. He did not wear the brace in OTA’s and through the six-week offseason workout program, adding the knee feels great and he will continue to practice without it.

“I think that he continues to raise the standard for what we expect and he’s certainly a leader of the offense and this team and I mean he holds himself to a very high standard and expects those around him to raise their standards as well,” Taylor said.

Burrow threw for 4,611 yards in the regular season and 1,105 yards in the playoffs, throwing for 39 touchdowns in his 20 games.