LEXINGTON, KY. (FOX 56) – Thousands of pins collide daily at the Southland Lanes Bowling Center. For Maddie Blankenship, rolling for strikes is about fun, and for glory. More importantly, it’s about how far she has come since her infant days.

At just three months old, Blankenship needed a liver transplant. Her uncle was a match, and at nineteen years old, became her living donor, giving one quarter of his liver to Blankenship.

This weekend, she’ll be competing in the Life Transplant Games in San Diego, rolling with some of the best who have also had similar experiences to hers. “If you look at it as why me, then you get stuck in this situation where you’re always sad and you never want to do anything,” Blankenship told FOX 56 Sports. “If you look at it as a positive for yourself and share it with everyone around you, then you might reach someone else who’s going through something similar.”

Blankenship is a junior bowler for Lexington Catholic, and competed fiercely in regionals on her unified team. Her hope is to continue rolling into college, and maybe even at the professional level.

“This is something I really want to improve, and go forward with,” Blankenship said. “Not even just when I graduate and go into college, but even make a living out of because there are ways you can do that.”