GEORGETOWN, Ky. (FOX 56) — “It’s always just been one Scott County, Scott County’s been king,” Scott County alum Michael Moreno said.

It’s a town big enough for the two of them.

“Now that it split up, it kinda takes away from the whole SC is king motto,” Michael Moreno said.

This one high school town became a two high school town three years ago. The new one is called Great Crossing.

“I got a lot of different comments and hate from other people from Scott Co because I chose to come here,” Great Crossing High School freshman Malachi Moreno said.

He felt some heat for choosing the new school because his older brother Michael played at the other school: Scott County High School.

“I chose to come here to build my own legacy not just to follow in my brother’s footsteps but to build my own name in this county,” Malachi Moreno said.

They made sure this town is big enough for both of them, and their record books.

“Having that new school, now he never has to see my face on the wall, he never has to think about any records that my name is on, he just keeps those in the back of his head like a sibling rivalry,” Michael Moreno said.

Malachi seems comfortable walking down a new path, almost growing into it, ironically.

“When I hit my growth spurt I was about 11 or 12, I think I grew about six or seven inches over the summer,” Malachi Moreno said.

He showed up to seventh grade measuring in at 6’4″ and now he is 6’10” and takes every opportunity to remind his big brother of that.

“I like to call him my little brother now,” Malachi Moreno said jokingly.

Because they’re brothers, those conversations surely don’t end well for one of them.

“They sort of end up with me either getting a punch in the face or a punch in the stomach,” Malachi Moreno said.

“Hearing that quite often it keeps me humble but whatever he needs for confidence I’m cool with it,” Michael Moreno said.

Malachi might be taller than his older brother now, but he will always look up to Michael.

“He’s always willing to take me to the gym to put in the extra work, he’s always willing to help me with whatever I need, he’s not just my older brother but my role model,” Malachi Moreno said.