LEXINGTON, Ky (FOX 56) – After, no doubt, their best offensive performance against Tennessee in RUPP Arena Saturday, No. 12 Kentucky will travel to take on the second best team in the Southeastern Conference, Texas A&M for a shot at their second true win on the road.

“We have to stick to what we do,” assistant to the Head Coach, Bruiser Flint said. “We’ve been pretty good defensively, no matter what put out there, we have a size advantage that we have to take advantage of and both ends of the floor we’re rebounding and posting the ball, so we just have to do what we do best.”

The ‘Cats have their hands full with a Texas A&M team hasn’t lost a game at home. Their only to losses were Wisconsin and TCU, both were at neutral sites. To add to that, they’re on an eight game win streak after recently coming back from a 13-point deficit to take down Missouri on the road.

“If you call this a trap game then you’re crazy,” Flint said. “We aren’t taking it that way. A&M is playing really well right now and the thing that stands out the most is that they’ve won a lot of close games because they have guys that can make plays when they need them”

When you look at the Wildcats’ schedule, they haven’t shown just yet if they can hang with the best of them down the stretch. It came down to the final minutes against Duke, Notre Dame and especially LSU with under thirty seconds left on the clock and two turnovers cost them the game. There’s no doubt this game will test the Cats just the same.

“They’re guard play has ben phenomenal, they get after you defensively, put a lot of pressure on you offensively, and they are overall one of the better teams on the league from watchin them on film,” Flint said.