LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – After winning three games in the SEC tournament this past weekend, the Kentucky baseball team hoped to claim an at-large bid in the NCAA tournament during Monday’s selection show but was unsuccessful in that hope.

The Wildcats were not included in the field of 64 teams invited to the tournament, made up of 31 automatic bids from conference champions and 33 at-large bids from teams with good enough resumes to receive an invitation.

A strong run in the last month of the season gave Kentucky hope it would receive an at-large bid, starting with a series win over No. 1 Tennessee last month and another series win over a ranked Auburn team that claimed the No. 14 overall seed in the tournament.

Kentucky had 12 wins over RPI Top 25 teams but held its own RPI of just 51, which was behind other teams on the bubble that also did not make the tournament. They ended up being on the outskirts of the bubble by not being included on the list of “First Four Out” teams.

The Wildcats had the 12th highest strength of schedule in the nation, playing the SEC which ranked as the toughest in the nation. They finished the season 33-26 with a 12-18 mark in conference play.