UK students helping with contact tracing in Lexington


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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – The task of tracking COVID-19 in Lexington is a big one. It requires constant contact with people who test positive until they have fully recovered.

Abigail DeSantis recently graduated from UK’s College of Public Health. She’s one of several volunteers from the school, including a couple of physicians, who are helping the Fayette County Health Department do contact tracing of people with COVID-19.

“I tell people that it’s like a very new process,” DeSantis said. “It’s been very interesting to see day to day how to proceed. That’s been the most interesting part, just seeing the logistics of what needs to happen.

The program started when two faculty members asked the health department what they could do to help. The dean of the program tells us they had 30 students who agreed to volunteer. They say contact tracing, along with widespread testing, will be needed before the state can really start to open back up.

“Because what it does is if you have someone who is infected, and you can find out every person that they have come in contact with, then you can go and notify those people and test them to see if they are diseased or not diseased,” said Donna Arnett, College of Public Health.

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