Thawing out finally



Well after a chilly and sunny day, we are finally going into tomorrow with thawing on our mind… temps could even reach the 40′s and I may even bring out my shorts!

Good evening! We saw the sun today but tomorrow the clouds will build back in. Tonight temperatures will drop into the teens for some spots 20s for others. The clouds will build in throughout the day and we will finally get that thaw. Temperatures will climb into the 40′s and SE KY could even see 50 degrees. Our next system will come overnight. Some spots will see rain and others may get a flake or two. Temps today only get into the 30′s, and sunshine will be finally back staying with us all day.

But, another front moving in the start of the work week could give some people some rain and others a wintry mix. This next front will come early Monday morning, the more east you go the better the chance you will have for rain. Temps will really be the tricky part of this front, and the backside of the storm is the one we will be watching because if the cold air comes in quick enough, we could see some mix and snow come in. The rest of the week a better and warmer story. Tuesday and Wednesday will have a mix of clouds and sunshine and also temperatures in some spots reaching almost 60 degrees. Then, at the end of the week another front comes by, but temperatures stay above average.

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