LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – After a dreary and wet start this weekend, we are now heading into a chillier pattern that actually will feel like where we are supposed to feel, but we’re keeping a close eye on the holidays ahead.

For your evening and night ahead, you’ll want to bundle up if you plan to be out and about. Temperatures will stay in the 30s through this evening and fall into the 20s by tonight. On top of that, winds will remain breezy, making it feel even cooler with that windchill. Cloudy skies will stay cloudy before clearing overnight.

By Monday morning, temperatures will be in the 20s, with frost around for some. After a cold start, we’ll keep chilly conditions around throughout the day as temperatures stay more on par with the average for this time of year. By the afternoon and evening, highs are expected to stay around the mid-40s with mostly sunny skies.

We’ll keep our cooler and drier trend continuing through much of the week with temperatures staying in the 40s through Wednesday, and then Thursday onward will begin a warming trend into Christmas. Unfortunately, for any snow-lovers, you’ll want to look at last year’s Christmas pictures because that will be the only way we see a white Christmas as temperatures reach into the 50s and near 60 next weekend.

While it will be milder for the holidays this year, we are tracking a system that could bring in rain chances next weekend as well, so we’ll keep an eye on that.