LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – A cold, raw, and blustery day is expected again in the Commonwealth on Saturday. This will affect all outdoor events on Saturday, including Keeneland.

Lows by Saturday morning
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With lows in the 30s, highs in the 40s, and winds gusting to around 30+ mph, this should make for an eventful day.

Throw in more snow and rain showers, and suddenly it will not feel like spring, at least not on Saturday.

Graupel: What is it?
How many of these precipitation types have you seen lately?

Freezing concerns will persist on Saturday night as clouds fall away and frosty cold air takes over, at least on Sunday morning.

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Sunshine returns on Sunday with highs struggling to reach the lower 60s.

The good news is the 70s will be returning as soon as Monday of next week, but of course, as it warms up, more showers and storms will become possible later on in the week.

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