LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – The heat and humidity factor increase again on Independence Day with stray storms still possible, about a 20 percent chance.

With highs on the Fourth in the mid 90s, expect the “feels like” temperatures to approach the upper 90s.

Sunday’s high in Lexington was 88 degrees at Blue Grass Airport. This was the first afternoon since last Tuesday where we did not see 90 degrees in the afternoon.

Lexington also received 0.47 inches of rain of early Sunday morning around 5 AM.

Lows expected tonight
Highs expected on Independence Day
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It will stay humid as we approach Monday night when fireworks are set.

Tracking the Humidity. 5 PM on Monday. Green areas = high humidity, high dew points.
Tracking the Humidity. 10 PM Monday night during Fireworks
11:30 p.m. Sunday on the futurecast
8 a.m. Independence Day on the futurecast
2 p.m. Independence Day on the futurecast
5 p.m. Independence Day on the futurecast
10 p.m. Monday night during Fireworks
11 p.m. Monday night AFTER Fireworks
Severe Storm Outlook for Tuesday from the Storm Prediction Center
8 a.m. Tuesday on the futurecast
12 p.m. Tuesday on the futurecast

Expect more heat and more humidity later this week, as above normal temperatures continue with more opportunities for showers and storms.

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