LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – The heat factor will drop a bit on Sunday, but expect the humidity to remain in much of the Commonwealth.

After hitting 96 degrees last Thursday and Friday, Saturday’s high was closer to 93 degrees in the Lexington area. Sunday, look for highs closer to 87 degrees, nearly six degrees cooler.

Lows expected tonight
Highs expected on Sunday

Lexington typically gets 25 days per year of 90 degree days. Last year, Lexington got less than half that number. So far, as of July 2, 14 90 degree days have already occurred.

90 degree days in Lexington. A comparison.
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Most of the showers and storms on Sunday should occur during the first half of the day and taper by the early part of the afternoon.

Tracking the humidity on Sunday afternoon. Green areas = high humidity, high dew points.
11:30 p.m. Saturday on the futurecast
8 a.m. Sunday on the futurecast
12 p.m. Sunday on the futurecast
5 p.m. Sunday on the futurecast
8 a.m. Independence Day on the futurecast
2:30 p.m. Independence Day on the futurecast

Expect more heat and more humidity later next week, as above-normal temperatures continue.

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