LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – If you are a fan of warm and dry weather in the Commonwealth, then this week is for you. Highs in the 80s will return this week. Rain chances appear limited until next weekend.

A string of highs in the lower to mid-80s are expected starting Tuesday

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The normal low this time of year is in the lower to mid-50s. Tonight, much of the Commonwealth falls into the upper 40s.

Lows expected tonight

Normal high this time of year is in the mid-70s. On Monday, much of the Commonwealth will climb into the upper 70s.

Highs expected on Monday
Weather pattern this week
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7 a.m. Monday on the futurecast
12 p.m. Monday on the futurecast
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While the warmth this week may be great for those who are starting a garden, rain chances will not increase until next weekend. If your garden needs watering between now and then, you may have to do more of that manually.

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