LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Raindrops will keep falling this week.

The flooding threat will persist, along with strong to isolated severe storms on Thursday and Friday.

Most of the rain and storms on Friday should occur in the morning for Lexington and Fayette County, as the wet weather moves further south and east in the Commonwealth throughout the day.

Lows expected tonight
Highs expected on Thursday
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Excessive Rainfall Outlook from the Weather Prediction Center on Thursday
Future rain totals between tonight and Friday evening
Isolated severe storms are possible across the Commonwealth on Thursday from the Storm Prediction Center
This Weekend Temperatures and “Feels Like” Temperatures

By Saturday, we should see a fair amount of dry weather with the exception of far Southeastern Kentucky.

By Sunday and Monday, for example, showers and storms will return.

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More heat with 90-degree days can be expected by the middle of next week, starting around August 3 with less rain.

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