Ida brings lots of rain


We have a very busy few days ahead of us as what’s left of Hurricane Ida moves into the region, bringing the potential for torrential rain and flash flooding. We have a lot to talk about, so buckle up and settle in.

  • The center of what’s left of Ida is likely to move from the Nashville area into southeastern Kentucky Tuesday into Tuesday night. Winds may reach 30mph at times in gusts.
  • Spiraling bands of rain and some storms will be spinning around Ida as it moves through.
  • The heaviest rains will likely fall just west and north of the track of the remnant low, which still may be classified as a Tropical Depression as it enters Kentucky.
  • Much of central and eastern Kentucky is in the line of fire for a 1″-4″ rainfall from Ida. There may be a stripe of 4″+ of rain setting up from southwest to northeast.
  • With much of that rain falling in a 12-24 hour window, flash flooding and general flooding will be possible.
  • The exact track and speed of the low are the main determining factors with how much rain falls where you live.

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