Rounds of snow enter the picture


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 A big change toward winter starts Thursday night and early Friday. That’s when a cold front works through, bringing a much colder air mass and rounds of light snow into the coming weekend. It kicks off a very busy winter setup for the next few days.

Here’s a breakdown of how things look:

  • The front likely has a band of light rain and light snow along and just behind it.
  • Skies will briefly clear behind that band, but that disappears as clouds and light snow sweep in from the west late in the day.
  • With a powerful upper level low spinning over top of us, the atmosphere has quite a bit of energy and lift.
  • This brings an increase in light snow Friday night and Saturday and this should be fairly widespread. Within this comes some streaks of heavier snows for a time.
  • Another light snow maker then tries to show up late Sunday and Monday as another disturbance works in.
  • Accumulations are a good bet across the entire region.

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