Showers For One More Day


Rounds of showers keep doing their thing across Kentucky and this trend will take us into Saturday. From there, we clean up for Halloween, but the setup for early November continues to take on a little bit of a winter flavor.

As always, we are going to start things out with what’s going on out there today. It’s damp and rather dreary for most as spiraling bands of showers rotate counterclockwise around low pressure. This is NOT all day rains for any one location.

The same can be said for the showers on Saturday as the low begins to slowly pull away through the afternoon and evening hours.

This sets the stage for a really nice Halloween with highs ranging from the upper 50s to low 60s. Trick-or-treating looks about as pleasant as you will ever find around here.

From here, the pattern undergoes a fairly significant change as a winter looking setup takes shape.

Colder air quickly works in here behind a weak front late Monday and Tuesday. The potential is there for this front to slow down and allow for low pressure to develop along it. This is a scenario many of the operational models have been showing on and off for a few days now. IF this low is real, then it could give our region the potential for some early season flakes.

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