Tracking storms


As of Friday morning, NOAA projected tropical storm Ida to make landfall in Louisiana late Sunday night. (NOAA)

As we head into the final weekend of August, we have a very active pattern taking shape and it’s one that will feature a major hurricane in the Gulf. What’s left of that system has a real chance to impact our weather with rain and wind by early next week.

The weekend features steamy temps and a storm or two around.

Let’s now go to the Caribbean and check on our future hurricane. Ida has formed and will work into the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend.

This will likely become a hurricane pretty quickly and this may very well become a major hurricane as it steams toward Louisiana for a late Sunday or Monday landfall.

From there, the center of circulation will spin northward into the lower Mississippi River Valley on Monday. That system will continue to lift northward toward Tennessee and Kentucky by Tuesday and Wednesday. It remains to be seen where the exact center of circulation winds up, but the threat for heavy rain will extend well outside of where the center is.

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