Trouble coming for start of the new year


A complex system is moving in for the middle and end of this week, bringing with it a potential for a wintry mix and strong thunderstorms as we ring in the New Year.

Into Wednesday, temperatures will actually warm up into the upper 30s and lower 40s by the morning hours and keep warming into the afternoon. Wednesday’s highs are expected to reach into the mid-50s making for a lovely afternoon with dry conditions persisting, but winds will pick up.

Now onto the troublemaker of a system coming in for New Year’s Eve/Day. I’ve broken this section into two parts to focus on the timing of two different threats coming in with this system.

Wednesday night/Thursday morning Focus: A cold front will approach our region from the northwest late Wednesday and continue to push in through the overnight hours and into early Thursday morning. This front initially brings rain, but through the overnight and into the early morning hours, some of the rain is likely to switch on the northern edge to a wintry mix of snow, sleet, and possibly freezing rain. At this time, the best threat for the wintry mix appears to stay on the northern side of central Kentucky and areas further north of that along the Ohio River Valley. The front positioning could still change, which would shift this ice threat either further north or south, but by the later afternoon hours, the front should move more north and get rid of the threat as temperatures warm back up.

Thursday/Friday Focus: Through the rest of Thursday, a warm front will take over, pushing further north through the overnight and into Friday (New Year’s Day). This will bring continued gust winds and heavy showers along with it as another low-pressure system moves in from the southwest. Throughout the day on Friday, we could also expect some thunderstorms with this system that could end up being on the strong to potentially severe side, so that is one threat we’ll watch closely. Another threat for Friday will be the heavy rain that could lead to localized flooding for some areas as some models push out 2″-3″+ in areas.

There is still a lot that can change, even over a timespan of 24 hours, so we’ll make sure to keep you up to date on the latest, so you’re prepared for it when it arrives.

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