Jim Caldwell’s Forecast | Late-weekend rain chances


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – You still have some dry time in the forecast. Our next rain chance will arrive on Sunday.

A weak cold front will run through the region today. I know I said that it is weak, but I am only talking about the precipitation side of things. This front will bring our temperatures down by a lot! Our highs will only reach the mid to upper-30s for most.

That same blast of cold air will push us into the low 20s. When you factor in the wind, expect those numbers to feel more like the low teens and I wouldn’t be shocked to see a single-digit showup.

Sunday evening a front will begin lifting over our heads. The ultimate placement of this front will determine what type of precip we see and what others around us see. As of this moment, it could start with a wintry mix and then move over to plain old rain. There is a good chance that we see quite a bit of it over a small amount of time.

It is another Friday, and every day we move forward is a day closer to a return to our ordinary world. All signs suggest that we are finally nearly there! Take care of each other; we’ve got this!

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