Jim Caldwell’s Forecast | Strong storm threat


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Scattered showers & thunderstorms will be blowing through the region today. The threat of severe weather will be here on Thursday.

You might encounter a few gusty thunderstorms at times today, but nothing compared to what Thursday might bring. Those thunderstorms will be quite a bit stronger. Once again, most of you will stay on the dry side today. Those of you that see these storms develop could see gusty winds blow in at 30-40 MPH.

A strong system will roll in from the Southern Plains. It brings showers, storms, damaging winds and large hail. All of those necessary severe weather elements. It is also pretty safe to say that we will end up with a few warnings out there. I will have a broken down timeline for you tomorrow.

It is another Wednesday, and every day we move forward is a day closer to a return to our ordinary world. All signs suggest that we are finally nearly there! Take care of each other; we’ve got this!

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